Some of our previous gigs include:

Microsoft (USA/Germany/Holland)

Magic Radio Event

B.B.C. - Battle of the Fantasy Bands

Beverley Hills Private (40th )

Chelsea FC Team party (Chelsea Village)

Hampton Court Festival

H.S.B.C. (Cannes)

Trinidad & Tobago (Island Party)

Max Cliffords’ Book Launch

Michael Vaughn Testamonial/Ashes Party

Chris Tarrant Lifetime Achievement Event

Barclays Bank (B.I.C)

Mercedes-Mclaren (Germany)

Bal de la mar (Hotel de Paris-Monaco)

Maritimo Yachts (Palma-Majorca)

A.B.T.A Conference (Palma- Majorca)

Private 50th birthday (Salzburg-Austria)

Lords Taverners (The Royal Albert Hall)

Lotusphere (Holland)

E-Map Awards (Alexandra Palace)

B.T. Global (Eurodisney)

R.A.F. Fairford (85th Air Tatoo)

Save The Children

S.A.S. Airlines

Gay Pride


French Telecom

Deutsche Bank

Private 40th (Marrakech)

For booking details please use the contact form

Fabbagirls live at
The Royal Albert Hall
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