About The Fabbagirls..

THE FABBAGIRLS are quite simply the best Abba tribute band in the business…. which is why they are regulars at The Royal Albert Hall.  They are now recognised as the best Abba Tribute band in the busIness.  Their saucy sense of humour and fabulous vocals,  coupled with stunning costumes and choreography puts them right at the top of their game!

After fronting Abba tribute band Bjorn Again, they decided to form a band of their own.  Along with their 'world class' band, this Abba tribute band have performed all over the world; In USA for Microsoft on numerous occasions,  Marrakesh  for an amazing 40th brithday, Trinidad for the Islanders,  on a yacht in Sardinia - for Royalty, on beaches in the Caribbean & South of France  and in Sweden, where they dressed up as nuns before ripping off their habits to reveal their saucy white satin costumes!

Since its inception, THE FABBAGIRLS - fronted by Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas,  has become the No.1 Abba tribute band. It has been hugely successful with the girls either singing alone,  or with their 'world-class' band,  giving clients a choice to suit the stage size and budget. The PARTY ANIMALS is their other band,  which is the same musicians, changing costume and performing songs of the 60's up the the present day hits...they are rocking!!  Both can be booked on the same night as the same musicians perform in both bands!

As two of London’s most established vocalists and away from THE FABBAGIRLS .COM,  Susie and Zoe have worked together with QUEEN, LIONEL RITCHIE, THE WHO, BILLY IDOL, WILL YOUNG, PHIL COLLINS,  PAVAROTTI and many more of the greatest rock/pop bands in the world . They are always in the studio with various artists and their singing and speaking voices can be heard on TV commercials for PEPSI, MACDONALDS, FISHER PRICE, CALGON, WOOLWORTHS and many more……….

Susie and Zoe have performed at PARTY IN THE PARK on numerous occasions to audiences of hundreds of thousands and they were given the honour to sing with 'QUEEN' at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee concert, where BRIAN MAY played his legendary guitar on the roof.  Here, they sung alongside all artistes including STING, THE BEACH BOYS and WILL YOUNG.  The girls were then invited to Modena, Italy with QUEEN, to perform in the home town of the great PAVAROTTI, for a special concert ‘PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS‘ singing with ERIC CLAPTON,  BONO,  ANDREA BOCELLI, LIONEL RITCHIE and other great performers from around the world.

Susie and Zoe spend much of their time travelling the world to perform as THE FABBAGIRLS at private parties, launches, corporate events and charities see recent shows.

THE FABBAGIRLS are a great team and have a brilliant sense of humour, which derives from having worked with many of the great British comedians.  The girls are always open to fun and funky suggestions...hence the nuns outfits, the Swedish accents and the infamous spanking fish! They are also longstanding members of the SAS BAND (Spike’s All Stars) with whom they perform on a regular basis. 

'We love what we do'!!

The Fabbagirls Band
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